Friday, 12 February 2010

In the unlikely event you are tasted by a dalek...

Here I am now saying that I HAVE come face-to-face with a dalek. And been inside one.
It was brilliant!
But no-one found me scary, which is the problem.

At the Doctor Who exhibition in Manchester a few years back I got the opportunity to hide inside a life-sized Dalek and attempt to scare the pants off anyone who turned the corner. It was all in place, the voice-distorter, the laser beam, the robotic movements...
A young family turned the corner and I waited for my moment to strike, I had to think like a dalek. So without a second thought I turned to them and yelled "EXTERMINATE!!!!" at the top of my voice. I was even scared by my performance!
But the boy, he must have been about 12, turned to his parents and said, "Oh. Look. One of THOSE."
I felt like crying.
Why are you not screaming in fear???
They walked on past me without a second thought.

You see in this modern day and age you read stories of people being stabbed and things all the time, The way you describe Dalek's of having no emotion, ready to kill, bloodthirsty even... it's kinda become more common for baaaaad people to go out and kill for no reason, without a second of consideration.

Of course, the daleks do this on a much bigger scale. But are they the same as psychopathic people who kill for no reason?

But of course you're at an advantage with the Daleks, they come with a survival guide!!

You don't get psychopaths with survival guides!!!!

(But I'd love to make one!)


P.S I totally agree with you on the Cybermen too. That annoys me. One left can create billions more??? Russell T Davies - Have a word with yourself.

Thursday, 11 February 2010


A new member in our team!

Name: Jack
Age: 15
Favorite Doctor: TOM BAKER!
Favorite character (other than the Doctor): Captain Jack
Least favorite character: PETER KAY!? WTH!?
Favorite episode: Blink
Worst episode: once again...PETER KAY!? WTH!?
Best quote:
"You're not keeping the horse!!"
"Aww, but I let you keep Mickey!"

He also likes the Adipose (weirdo... ;P)

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

In Defence of the Daleks...

I'd like to take a breif moment of your time to be theis blog's resident Dalek nerd and clear up a few things (Thomas, pay attention!)

"What on earth is the need for all those hemispheres on their metal plate body?"
The hemispherical globes on the lower part of a dalek's casing replace the external sense organs of a dalek that are not already catered for (such as the sense of smell).
So, basically, the globes are there so they can smell you, and presumably taste you...if they so desire.

"No matter how many times you kill the species, one always manages to survive and create a billion more."
Erm, hello. Cybermen, anyone?

Now, as to Dalek's being scary, let's think about this for a second. Sure, I'll agree they're not all that scary to look at. But let's all put on our empathy caps for a second. If you were faced with a genocidal lump of nigh on indestructible metal, I'm pretty sure you'd be peeing yourself. You can't reason with daleks, they have no emotions or sense of mercy that you can appeal to, and they will kill you as soon as look at you. Because you are not a Dalek. Almost any other villian or monster in the series can be reasoned with or delayed or hurt to some extent, but it's almost impossible to do any fo these things to a dalek.

And let's also remember that when we encounter th daleks it the show, most of the time they are in very small numbers, with only themselves for weapons. But when the time lords fought/are fighting/will fight (I hate time travel...) the daleks, they are in vast numbers with a formiddable arsenal of pretty damn terrifying weapons. There are special weapons daleks, dalek battle ships (for example, the Dalek cleaver, able to hurl itself through mountain-sized objects withouteven losing speed, or the Skaro Screamer, cabaple of turning the atmosphere of a planet into liquid oxygen for fuel.)

So yeah, Tom. I'd say the daleks are actually pretty goshdarned scary :L

Reccommended reading:
Dalek Survival Guide, published by the BBC. This book could save your life.
Anytng by Terry Nation (creator of the Daleks)

Hi :D

Firstly, I'd just like to mention this brilliant opportunity for me to express my usually incoherent babble about Doctor Who to people who actually care and not just to people who nod and calmly say, "Yes Tom. I know. It WAS good yes. I know. P*SS OFF!!!!".
Now I have that cleared I will attempt at making sense.

I can't put into words how excited I am about the new series. Of course I'll miss David Tennant incredibly! Who wont? But I'm definitely ready to start a clean slate, new doctor, new companion, new LOGO (WTF??), and best of all NEW ALIENS!!! ... Probably. Or they'll end up spewing some more rubbish about Daleks.

I dislike Daleks for 5 main reasons.
Number 1 - No matter how many times you kill the species, one always manages to survive and create a billion more. Once something is extinct, its extinct!!
Number 2 - They are extremely overrated. People act as if they are the scariest things since The Exorcist, but to be honest I've come across scarier cornflakes.
Number 3 - They look silly and impractical. What on earth is the need for all those hemispheres on their metal plate body. Why have all the silly laser beams? Just go and rust.
Number 4 - The doctor has easily destroyed hundreds of Daleks in the past. How on earth can't a whole race of Time Lords defeat them too???
Number 5 - Only old people remember the old daleks. This was back when people were scared of computers. No wonder they fled for cover behind sofa's at a metallic, moving lump. So then they try and modernize them a bit. 'Levitate'? Are you kidding me?

There we go.

I'll post more of my thoughts and opinions in time (and space)... that makes no sense but I can't seem to write 'time' without adding (and space) all the time. (and space). See.


Friday, 5 February 2010

A New Addition :)

Let's all welcome Tom, the newest member of the IL team!

Name: Tom
Age: 16
Favorite Doctor: So far... David Tennant.
Favorite character (apart from the Doctor): Ahh difficult to choose... Wilf/Rose
Least favorite character: Definitely Mickey/Ricky.... I just don't 'get' him...
Favorite episode: Blink. It was brilliant! I was so freaked out...
Worst episode: Love and Monsters. I actually fell asleep. PLUS Peter Kay is pretty freaky anyway without needing to be turned green and absorbing people.
Best quote: :O Don't make me choose!!!! Sometimes its the expressions on people's faces that are the best "quotes" of all.

The G Word

I’m going to say it. I am. Right now, listen:

G- ger—geroni------.

Nope. I just can’t do it.

Now I don’t want anyone to think I’m predisposed to dislike Matt Smith – I’m actually pretty excited to see what he can bring to the stage, and how he’s going to manage running away from scary monsters wearing skinny jeans.

The thing is, David Tennant was a legend. There is a legion of fangirly admirers currently mourning his ‘death’, and throwing fits in the direction of his usurper. It’s a tough act for Matt Smith to follow.

And for that reason, I’m planning to be nice to him. At least, I’m going to wait until the new series starts before I begin to judge Number Eleven. I don’t want to compare him to David too much either, because he is [or at least, should be] a different character. Change is good, ja?

Right then. So far, so accepting. But then, just as all seemed well, I see the trailer for Series Five again, and hear, ringing through my ears, the deadly word: Geronimo.


Will the new Doctor be searching through the universe for a chap called Jeremy to share this wonderful word with? Oh dear. Please, please, please let that not be a spoiler.

My issue with this most commanding catchphrase is, well, I’d generally associate it with jumping out of windows or falling off of cliffs. Perhaps the new Who will be pushing some monsters off of cliffs. Or, just maybe, he might be slightly clumsy. He might fall over a lot, in which case, I guess this prominent phrase is perfect.

Or, he might not.

Fear not, though, friends! All is not lost! For there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.

Anyway, I like the new logo. It’s sort of shiny.

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Spoilers Make Nikki Cry

A Note: Don't worry. there are no spoilers in this post unless you didn't see the christmas specials. I'd never do that to you :)

So here I am. Sat in front of my computer with a bowl of cheerios, waiting for Torchwood to buffer (because I have finally been convinced to watch it). I am fantasising with Sophie about Joss Whedon writing an episode of Doctor Who. I am also facing a conundrum.
I should make it clear that I hate spoilers with a passion. I hate, despise and loathe them, and all those who supply them. So you can see the dilemma I face now, sitting here with the words 'doctor who 2010 series spoilers' typed into the Google search box.
For the sake of this blog, and for my own perverted interest, I am on a mission. Will the Master return under Stephen Moffat's reign? Who exactly was that woman that kept appearing to Wilf? (I know Russell T Davies said it was his mother, but he's not exactly been truthful before now!) Will Matt Smith's eleventh doctor SERIOUSLY be saying 'geronimo' all the time?! But mostly I just want to see John Simm back on my television screen. There's really only so many times you can watch Last of The Time Lords until you find yourself copying the Master's little dance routine around your living room. So here I am. Finger hovering over the 'enter' key. Here goes.

Ahhaahhaahhhrgh. I hate this. I'm reading with my eyes squinted, scan reading as fast as I can. Oops, I see something abour River Song, NOoooOOOooo I don't want to know these things!!

Two minutes later, I have chickened out.

Spoilers are still bad, still evil, still loathsome, and I know in my heart that they won't be bringing our favorite prime minister back for the third series in a row. We're probably due for a dalek or cyberman episode, if you ask me. I've heard rumours the stone angels will be appearing several times, so perhaps they'll be the season finale, giving weight to my patented 'thetimelordswillreturnandthemasterwillescapeandthecrazywomanwilldosomethingepic' theory. More on that later.

So there we have it. I'm a wimp, but I'm proud of it. Spoilers are BAD, kids, and if you post them on here you'll find your capacity to regenerate permanantly suspended!

Oh, and vote Saxon.

Tuesday, 2 February 2010


It may take six pilots to fly a TARDIS properly, but it only takes three to review episodes, theorise erratically and generally nerd out. So, in no paticular order, I give you:

Name: Josh
Age: 16
Favorite Doctor: Tennant, though Baker comes a close 2nd
Favorite Character (apart from the Doctor): The Master, although I think Wilf is brilliant =P
Least Favorite Character: either the eighth Doctor for wasting a regeneration, Lady Cassandra or the Sisters of Plenitude (stupid cats!)
Favorite Episode: Hmmmm, either Silence in the library + Forest of the dead, or Utopia - Last of the Time Lords (I like the more-than-one-parters)
Least Favorite Episode: Love and Monsters (pointless!!!)
Favorite Quote: "State your name, rank and intention" "The Doctor. Doctor. Fun."


Name: Nikki
Age: 15
Favorite Doctor: It's a tie between Eccleston and Tennant
Favorite character (apart from the Doctor): The Master
Least favorite character: The Lara Croft wannabe from Planet of the Dead. See, I don't even remember her name she was that pointless...
Favorite episode: The Sound of Drums.
Worst episode: THE FREAKING GIANT WASP. Which was clearly the procuct of some 'special' brownies in the writer's room....
Favorite quote: David Tennant: *shakes fist* BARROWMAAN! (ok, so not a Doctor Who moment, but still amazing)


Name: Sophie
Age: 15
Favorite Doctor: David Tennant
Favorite character (apart from the Doctor): K9. And then the Master. Because everybody loves the crazy lunatics and pets.
Least favorite character: I never really liked Martha...and pickled doctor's hand? What.
Favorite episode: Midnight. Down right creepy.
Worst episode: Partners in Crime. Terrifying fat blobs? Blobs of fat?!
Favorite quote: Ida Scott: "Really though, Doctor, who are you?" Doctor: "Oh...The stuff of legends..."

So, let the geekiness begin!
Geronimo ALLONS-Y!